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After high temperature treated and pressing or molding,the Expandable Graphite can be made into following products:

-Pressed into rolled pure graphite sheets.

-Pressed into standard pure graphite cut sheets.

-Pressed into compounded graphite sheets with stainless steel foil/tanged or galvanized iron insert.

-Made into corrugated graphite tapes or smooth finish tapes.

-Made into rings.Spiral wound gaskets of various types.

-Made into other products of various kinds according to the customer’s need.

Expandable Graphite is applied as good flame retardant because of the properties it has that is occupies more than 250 times its in trial volume at approx 1000℃ and smother flames in the event or a fire.It is called a New Generation sealing Material because of the much better physical and chemical properties it has than other sealing materials.Now, Expandable Graphite is widely used in the High-tech industries of oil and gas,chemical,light industry,metaillurgy,power plant,machinery,pharmacutics,medical,automotives,ship-buiding,space-flight,millitary,and nuclear power,etc.

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